Yufeng Zheng

Ph.D., Professor

Department of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, 
College of Engineering, Peking University
Laboratory of Biomedical Materials and Devices  

Office Add: Room 218, Mechanics Building

Office Tel: +86-10-62767411

Lab Add: Rooms 221-227, Mechanics Building

Lab Tel: +86-10-62767760

Fax: +86-10-62767411

Email: yfzheng(at)pku.edu.cn

Website: http://lbmd.coe.pku.edu.cn/




B. S., Metals and Heat Treatment, Harbin Shipbuilding Engineering Institute 

Ph.D., Materials Science, Harbin Institute of Technology



Research Areas

Development of new kinds of biomedical metallic materials (Ti alloys, Mg alloys, Fe alloys, Bulk metallic glass, pure metals, bulk nanocrystalline materials, etc)

Surface modification of biomedical materials (TiC, DLC, TiN, ZrN, drug coating, etc)

Development of interventional therapy and minimal invasive therapy devices (stent, occlude, etc)

Optimal design and evaluation of biomedical devicesusing finite element analysis

Development of nanocomposites and evaluation of the biocompatibility of nanomaterials (CNTs, ZrO2, TiO2,ZnO, Al2O3, etc.)



Research Profile

The Laboratory of Biomedical Materials and Devices (LBMD) at the College of Engineering (COE) of Peking University (PKU) is an interdisciplinary research group initiated and leaded by Professor Yufeng Zheng since 2004. We work extensively on the biomedical materials and their applications in dentistry, orthopedics and interventional therapy. Starting from the fundamental microstructures and compositions of biomaterials, and extending to the evaluation, design and development of biomedical devices and instruments, we are dedicated to contribute our effort and knowledge to the forefront of this field.



Professional Honors and Awards

2008, Exxon Mobil Professor Award of Peking University

2007, P&G Professor Award of Peking University

2001, Second Prize for the Achievement in Science and Technology awarded by the Ministry of Chinese High Education.



Professional Activities

Associate Editor: Journal of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (ASPBS)

Editorial Board Member: Materials Letters (Elsevier)

Editorial Board Member: Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B: Applied Biomaterials (Wiley)

Editorial Board Member: Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters)  (Elsevier)

Editorial Board Member: Journal of Materials Science & Technology



Selected Recent Publications

A full list of 170 SCI journal publication can be found at http://lbmd.coe.pku.edu.cn/publication.htmand their citation can be found at http://www.researcherid.com/rid/A-4146-2010.

1Zijian Li, Xuenan Gu, Shiqing Lou and Yufeng Zheng*, The development of binary Mg-Ca alloys for use as biodegradable materials within bone. Biomaterials, 29(2008):1329-1344.

2. Xuenan Gu, Yufeng Zheng*, Yan Cheng, Shengping Zhong and Tingfei Xi, In vitro corrosion and biocompatibility of binary Mg-1wt.%X alloys, Biomaterials,30(2009):484-498.

3 X.N. Gu, Y.F. Zheng*, S.P. Zhong, T.F. Xi, J.Q. Wang and W.H. Wang, Biocorrosion and Cytotoxicity evalution of Mg-Zn-Ca bulk metallic glass, Biomaterials, 31(2010):1093-1103.

4. X.N. Gu, W.R. Zhou, Y.F. Zheng*, Y. Chen, S.P. Zhong, T.F. Xi and L.J. Chen, Corrosion fatigue behavior of two typical biomedical Mg alloys-AZ91D and WE43 in simulated body fluid, Acta Biomaterialia, 6 (2010) 4605-4613

5.  B. Liu, Y.F. Zheng*, Effects of alloying elements (Mn, Co, Al, W, Sn, B, C and S) on biodegradability and in vitro biocompatibility of pure iron, Acta Biomaterialia, 7 (2011) 1407-1420