Research Groups


Turbulence Research Groups



Prof. Shiyi Chen
Simulation and Theory of Turbulence
Prof. Cunbiao Lee

Experimental Fluid Mechanics,
Boundary layer,
Transition and Instability,
Prof. Jianchun Mi

Turbulence Structures, Flame research
Prof. Zhensu She

Fundamental Study of Turbulence
and Engineering Applications,
Complex systems
Prof. Jianjun Tao

Thermal Convections,
Hydrodynamic Instabilities,
Computational Fluid Dynamics,
Dynamics of Rotating Fluids,
Complex Fluids


Aeromechanics Research



Prof. Shulin Bai

Aeronautical Materials,
Novel materials,
Structure-property relationship
Prof. Pu Chen

Computational Mechanics
Structural Dynamics
Prof. Daining Fang

Material Mechanics, Micromechanics


Prof. Caishan Liu

Variable Structure Dynamics,
Granular Medium Dynamics,
Aerospace Engineering Applications
Prof. Kaixin Liu

Impact Dynamics
Prof. Lin Huang

Stability Theory, Robust Control,
Complex Systems Control


Prof. Yong Wang

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems


Complex Mechanics Reasearch



Prof. Zheng Chen

Combustion and
propulsionlame Dynamics,
Combustion and propulsion
Prof. Huiling Duan

Elastic Mechanics, Nano-mechanics
Prof. Shaoqiang Tang

Applied Analysis,
Scientific Computing,
Numerical Methods,
Nonlinear Phenomena


Prof. Wenchang Tan

Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics,
Bio-fluid mechanics,
Multi-scale heat transfer
Prof. Jianping Wang

Computational Fluid Dynamics,
Calculation Method,
Aerodynamic Noise
Pro. Jianxiang Wang

Mechanics of Composite Materials,
Nanostructured Materials


Prof. Long Wang

Complex Networked Systems,
Information Dynamics,
Collective Intelligence,
Bio-mimetic Robotics
Prof. Jiezhi Wu

Theory of Complex Fluids,
Cortex dynamics,Aerodynamics
Prof. Yufeng Zheng

Biomedical Materials,
Mechanical Dynamics