Wenchang Tan

Ph.D., Professor

Department Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering, Peking University

Office Tel: +86-10-62754244

Email: tanwch(at)mech.pku.edu.cn




1997  Ph.D., Shandong University,

1991  M.S., Shandong University,

1988  B.S., Shandong University.



Research Area

Biomechanics, Bio-fluid mechanics, Mechanobiology, Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics



Selected Awards

2008, National Outstanding Youth Scientist Award by Natural Science Foundation of China

2005, New century Youth Talent Award by State Education Commission



Selected Research Publications

1. Jianhong Kang, Ceji Fu, WenchangTan*, Thermal convective instability of viscoelastic fluids in a rotating porous layer heated from below. J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. 2011, 166:93-101

2. Jun Niu, Ceji Fu, Wenchang Tan*, Thermal convection of a viscoelastic fluid in an open-top porous layer heated from below, J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech. 2010, 165: 203–211

3.  Liu, Yu, Hong Jinxing, Zhang Yan, Cui Rongli, Wang Jinyong, Wenchang Tan*, Li Yan*, Flexible orientation control of ultralong single-walled carbon nanotubes by gas flow. Nanotechnology, 2009, 20, 185601

4.  Zhang Zhiyong, Fu Ceji, Wenchang Tan*, Linear and nonlinear stability analyses of thermal convection for Oldroyd-B fluids in porous media heated from below. Physics of Fluids, 2008, 20, 084103 

5. Fu Ceji, Zhang Zhiyong, Wenchang Tan*, Numerical simulation of thermal convection of a viscoelastic fluid in a porous square box heated from below.  Physics of Fluids, 2007, 19, 104107 

6.  Zhang Zhiyong, Fu Ceji, Wenchang Tan*, Wang Cangyi, Onset of oscillatory convection in a porous cylinder saturated with a viscoelastic fluid, Physics of Fluids, 2007, 19, 098104 

7.  Wenchang Tan*, Takashi Masuoka, Stokes’ first problem for an Oldroyd-B fluid in a porous half-space. Physics of Fluids, 2005, 17,023101 

8. Hong Jinxing, Wei Lan, Fu Ceji, Wenchang Tan*, Blood flow and macromolecular transport in complex blood vessels. Clin. Biomechanics, 2008, 23, S125-129

9. Jin Zhong, Chu Haibin, Wang Jinyong, Hong Jinxing, Wenchang Tan, Li Yan, Ultralow feeding gas flow guiding growth of large-scale horizontally aligned single-walled carbon nanotube arrays. Nano Letters, 20 07, 7:2073-2079    

10 . Wenchang Tan*, Fu Chaoqi, Fu Ceji, Xie Wenjun, Cheng Heping, An anomalous subdiffusion model for calcium spark in cardiac myocytes. Applied Physics Letters, 2007, 91, 183901