Jianchun Mi

Ph.D., Professor

Center of Efficient Energy & Power Engineering
College of Engineering, Peking University

Office Tel: +86-10-62767074

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Email: jcmi(at)coe.pku.edu.cn



Summary Of Research Achievements

Invention Patents:       18+

Publications:               170+

Research Grants:       20+





1991-95  Ph.D. , Dept. Mech. Eng., University of Newcastle, Australia.

1983-1986  M.E., National Key Laboratory on Coal Combustion, Huazhong Universityof Sci. & Tech. (HUST), PRC.

1979-1983  B.S. Department of Power Engineering, Huazhong University of Sci. & Tech., PRC. 



Professional Experience


From 2006:  Professor, College of Engineering, Peking (Beijing) University, PRC.

From 2006:  Adjunct Professor, Schl. Mech. Eng., University of Adelaide, Australia.

2000-2005:  Senior Research Fellow, Schl. Mech. Eng., University of Adelaide, Australia.

1995-1999:  Post-doctor Research Fellow, Dept. Mech. Eng., University of Adelaide, Australia.

1990:  Visiting Scholar, Dept. Mech. Eng., University of Newcastle, Australia.

1988-1989: Research Associate, National Key Laboratory on Coal Combustion (HUST), PRC.

1986-1988: A/Lecturer, Dept. Electric & Power Eng., Changsha Institute of Electric Power, PRC.





Award of Excellent Team of Innovation for Turbulence Research –– Natural Science Foundation of China – 2009 (ten members)

Award of Hunan 100 Distinguished Global Experts Program–– Hunan Province of China – 2010

Award of Chutian Special Scholar –– Hubei Province of China – 2005



Academic Interests


  • R&D of various innovative jet nozzles and burners that produce clean and efficient flames;
  • Various innovative stabilizers of flame;
  • R&D of technologies of removal of fine particulate matters PM2.5;
  • Managing flows for enhanced mixing / reduced noise by active and passive means;
  • Turbulence structures (large-scale coherent structure and Kolmogorov fine scales);
  • Heat and mass transfer in various turbulent flows/flames.


  • Combustion Science & Technology;
  • Fluid mechanics;
  • Introduction to turbulence;
  • Flow measurement techniques;
  • Heat and mass transfer;
  • Thermodynamics.



Selected Publications

1.   Invention Patents

  • Mi, J., Luxton, R. E. and Nathan, G. J.: Family of Oscillating Jets & Burners – international patents [granted]:

    • The US Patent - US6685102 (2004.2);
    • European Patent - EP1032789 (2004.9);
    • Australian Patent - AU746248 (2002.4);
    • New Zealand Patent - NZ504470 (2003.7);
    • Chinese Patent - CN1279756 (2001.1);
    • Japanese Patent - JP2001523559 (2001.11);
    • Canadian Patent - CA2308494 (2008.10) .
  • Mi, J. and Chen, G. Q. (2005): A gas flame stabilizer, Patent No. CN200510109308, Chinese Patent Office, 2005.
  • Mi, J. and Yang, L. Q. (2006): A flame stabilizer, Patent No. LZ200610080971, Chinese Patent Office, 2006. [granted]
  • Mi, J., Yang, L. Q. and Du C. (2010): A device for enhancing the interaction between different particles, Patent No. LZ201020299190.9, Chinese Patent Office. [granted]
  • Mi, J. and Zhou Y. (2008): A controllable gas burner, Patent No. ZL2008 1 0178796.4, Chinese Patent Office. [granted]
  • Mi, J., Chen, G. Q. and Yang, L. Q. (2006): A gas flame stabilizer, Patent Application No. CN200610005308.6, Chinese Patent Office, 2006.
  • Mi, J. and Zhou Y. (2009): A controllable pulverized-coal burner, Patent Application No. CN0910599GWG-HK, Chinese Patent Office.
  • Mi, J., Yang, L. Q. and Du C. (2010): A device for enhancing the interaction between different particles, Patent No. LZ 2010020299190.9, Chinese Patent Office. [granted]
  • Mi, J., Du C. and Yang, L. Q. (2010): Device and method for enhancing the interaction between different particles, Patent Application No. CN201010504951.4, Chinese Patent Office.

2.   Journal Articles

  • Zhou Y., Du C., Mi J. and Wang X.W. (2011): Turbulent round jet control using two steady mini-jets, AIAA Journal, accepted. [SCI]
  • Mi J., Wang F., Li P. and Dally B.B. (2011): Modified vitiation by operational parameters in a MILD combustion furnace, Energy & Fuel, DOI: 10.1021/ef 2011-01161x. [SCI]
  • Zhang J., Wang H. and Mi J. (2011): A new mesh-independent model for droplet / particle collision, Aerosol Science & Technology, accepted. [SCI]
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