Lin Huang


Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Professor, Department of 
Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, Peking University

Office Tel: +86-10-62764044

Fax: +86-10-62764044

Email: hl35hj75(at)




Sep.1957- Aug.1961  Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Graduate School, Peking University

Oct.1953- Aug.1957   Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Peking University

(In  that time no degree system in China)



Professional Experience

Aug.1984- present  Professor, Peking University

Dec.1980-Jul.1984  Associate Professor, Peking University

Jun.1979-Nov.1980  Lecturer, Peking University

Jan.1961-May 1979  Assistant, Peking University



Research Areas and Interests

Stability Theory

Robust Control

Complex Systems Control



Guest and Honour Professorship

1. Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics  (1994 Guest Professor)

2. Northeastern University (2001 guest Professor,2004 Honour Professor)

3. Central South University (2006 Honour Professor)

4. Zhejiang University (1993  Guest Professor)

5. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics  (1988 Honour Professor)

6. South China University of Technology (2004 Consultant Professor)

7. Yanshan University (1999 Guest Professor)

8. Nanjing University of Science and Technology (2004 Guest Professor)



Visiting Academic Appointments

1. Visiting Scholar,  University of Texas at Brownsville  (Dec.1994-Apr.1995)

2. Visiting scholar,  the University of Western Australia (Feb.1996)

3. Visiting Scholar,  University of Massachusetts (Mar.1989- Sep.1989)

4. Visiting Scholar,  University of Massachusetts (Sep.1985- Sep.1986)



Professional Activities 

Academic Organization

1. Vice  Director, Department of Technical Sciences, Committee of Science  Publication Fund of Academy of Sciences (1990- 2004)

2. Director, Department of Technical Sciences, Committee of Science  Publication Fund of Academy of Sciences ( 2004-)

3. Director, Guan Zhaozhi  Award Committee of Chinese Control Conference (1994- 2002)

4. Member, Academic committee,Peking University (1996-2001)

5. Director, Academic committee,   Engineering Collage, Peking University (2008--)




Membership And Awards

1. Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2003

2. National Natural Science Prize of China, 1999

3. Progress Award on Science and Technology of National Committee of Education, 1995

4. Award on Excellent  Academic  Books of Chinese College , 1995

5. Award on Excellent  Books of Science Press in China, 1986




Selected Publications


1. Linear Algebra in Systems and Control Theory, Science Press (in Chinese), 1984.

2. Stability Theory, Press of Peking University (in Chinese), 1989.

3. Theory Foundation on Stability and Robustness, Science Press (in Chinese), 2003.


1. Hwang Ling Zheng In-ping Zhang Di   The "Second Method" of Liapunov and the Analytical Design of the Optimum Control . Acta Automatica Sinica  Vol.2,No.4,1964, P.202-218.

2. L.Huang, C.V. Hollot, Results on positive pairs of polynomials and their application to the construction of stability domains, Int. J. Control, 46(1), 153-159, 1987.

3. A.C. Bartlett, C.V. Hollot and Huang Lin, Root location of an entire polytope of polynomials: it suffices to check the edges, Math. Control Signals Systems, 1(1), 61-71, 1988.

4. Lin Huang, Zhong Li, Foundamental theorem for optimal output feedback problem with quadratic performance criterion, Int. J. Control, 50(6), 2341-2347, 1989.

5. Huang Ling, On the estimation of the decaying time, Proceeding of the 2nd Congress IFAC, 576-583, 1963, Basel, Switzerland.

6. Huang Lin, Chen Decheng and Luo Huageng, Approximate modeling of an elastic structure according to test date with various confidences. ACTA Mecha. Sinica, 1988, 4 (3): 248-254

7. L. Huang and L. Wang, The value mapping and parameterization approach to robust stability analysis, Science in China, 1991, 34 (10): 1222-1232

8. Z.Duan, L. Huang, L. Wang,Robustness analysis and synthesis of SISO systems under both plant and controller perturbations, Systems and Control Letters,2001,42(3): 201-216

9. Zhisheng Duan, Lin Huang, Ying Yang, The effects of redundant control inputs in optimal control, Science in China Series F, 52(11), 1973-1981, 2009

10. Zhisheng Duan, Jinzhi Wang,Lin Huang, Special decentralized control problems in discrete-time interconnected systems composed of two subsystems, Systems and Control Letters,2007,56(3): 206-214

11.  Lin Huang, Zhisheng Duan, Complexity in Control Science. Acta Automatica Sinica, 29(5):748-754, 2003




Professor Huang  presided many various of  projects on control theory and applications supported by National Nature Sciences  Foundation (NNSFC) of China which include a Major Program entitled “A few problems on complex control systems theory” and a Key Program entitled “Studies on complex nonlinear mechanical systems” as well as many NNSFC General Programs.   He also presided and directed some practical application projects such as in the aeronautic and astronautic areas.