Huiling Duan

Ph.D., Professor

Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering, Peking University
Beijing, 100871, China

Office Tel: + 86-10-62753228

Fax: + 86-10-62751812

Email: hlduan(at)






Education Background

2005 Ph.D., Solid Mechanics, Peking University, China

1998 M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Daqing Petroleum Institute, China

1991 B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Daqing Petroleum Institute, China





Professional Experience

2010-present: Professor, Peking University, China

2007-2010  Associate Professor, Peking University, China

2006-2007  Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, INT, FZK, Germany

2005-2006  Royal Society Postdoctoral Fellow, Cardiff University, UK

1998-2001  Lecturer, Daqing Petroleum Institute, China






1.  “Advanced Mathematics”for Undergraduate students

2.  “Nanomechanics and Micromechanics” for graduate students

3.  “Advanced Elasticity” for graduate students

4.  “Progress in Solid Mechanics” for graduate students





Research Areas and Interests

1.  Strain Engineering in Semiconductor materials and Semiconductor devices

2.  Fundamental problems in self-organization and applications to micro-organisms and nano-devices

3.  Characterization and design of multi-functional materials, structures

4.  Growth, diffusion, morphological evolution and stability in stressed solids (e.g., growth of quantum dots)

5.  Mechanics of nanostructured materials and mechanical/physical phenomena related to surface/interface/interphase





Awards And Honors

• Distinguished Young Scholars, National Science Foundation of China (2012)

• Outstanding Young Scholar Award, The Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 2011

• Mao Yisheng Outstanding Young Scholar Award, Beijing, China, 2010

• The Sia Nemat-Nasser Early Career Award, USA, 2009 (Achievement Recognized: For research excellence in the areas of experimental, computational, and theoretical mechanics and materials by young investigators who are within 10 years after their Ph.D. degree. One awardee, annually at IMECE.)

• National Excellent PhD Thesis of China in 2007

• The first prize of Excellent PhD Thesis of Peking University in 2007

• Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship, 2006

• Post-doctoral Fellowship of The Royal Society of London, 2005






Selected Publications

1. Lanza, M., Bayerl, A., Gao, T., Porti, M., Nafria, M., Jing, G. Y., Zhang, Y. F., Liu, Z. F., Duan, H. L. (2013): Graphene-coated atomic force microscope tips for reliable nanoscale electrical characterization Adv. Mater. 25, 1440–1444.

2. Lanza, M., Wang, Y., Bayerl, A., Gao, T., Porti, M., Nafria, M., Liang, H., Jing, G. Y., Liu, Z. F., Zhang, Y. F., Tong, Y., Duan, H. L.(2013): Tuning graphene morphology by substrate towards wrinkle-free devices: Experiment and simulation. J. Appl. Phys. 113, 104301. 

3. Xue, Y.H., Chu, S.G. Lv, P.Y., Duan, H.L. (2012): Importance of hierarchical structures in wetting stability on submersed superhydrophobic surfaces. Langmuir 28, 9440−9450.

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