Zhisheng Duan

Ph.D., Professor

Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering,
College of Engineering, Peking University
Institute for Advanced Control Technique

Office Add: Room 231, Mechanics Building

Office Tel: +86-10-62765037

Fax: +86-10-62764044

Email: duanzs(at)pku.edu.cn

Website: http://www.mech.pku.edu.cn/~aerocontrol/duanzs/index.htm


Sep.1997 –Jul.2000  Ph. D., Control Theory, Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University.Supervisor:  Professor  HUANG Lin

Sep.1994 – Jul.1997  M.Sc., Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Inner Mongolia University

Sep.1990 – Jul.1994  B.Sc., Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Inner Mongolia Normal University




Working Experience

Aug. 2008 - Present  Professor, Dept. of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, College of Engineering, Peking University

Aug. 2003-Jul. 2008  Associate Professor, Dept. of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University

Jul. 2008-Aug. 2008  Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, City University of HongKong, HongKong

Jun. 2007-Aug. 2007  Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, City University of HongKong, HongKong

Jun. 2004-May 2005  Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Science, Monash University, Australia

Jun. 2002-Jul. 2003   Lecturer, Dept. of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University

Jul. 2000-Jun. 2002   Post-doctor, Peking University



Professional Activities

Jan. 2008-Dec. 2009  Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-I Regular Papers

Sep. 2006-Aug. 2011  Associate Editor, Dynamics of Continuous, Discrete & Impulsive Systems-Series B

May 2008-May 2013   Editorial Board Member, Control Theory and Applications (in Chinese)

10th-13th Oct. 2008  Dean of Organizing Commitee, The Fourth Chinese Complex Network Conference

1st-3rd Dec. 2007  Technical Committee Member and Invited Presentation, The Third Chinese Complex  Network Conference



Funds and Awards

1. National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars 61225013), 2013-2016.

2. First-class Award in Natural Science from Ministry of Education of China.

3. Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of Education of China



Research Areas

Robust Control, Flight Control, Complex Networks



Research Profile

In practical engineering, economic, biological area, the systems are always with large scales and composed of many subsystems with interconnections. Generally, small systems can form complex large-scale systems. In recent years, we have focused on the analysis and control of complex coupled systems. The interesting results show that sometimes some subsystems must be unstable to stabilize the whole coupled system, which is very useful for the coupled control of modern hypersonic aircrafts. Similarly to the modern economic systems, the highly developed economy is always along with the bankruptcy of small enterprises. This shows the complexity of coupled systems. In complex network systems, the redundant connections for synchronization behavior have been found with the help of algebraic graph theory. The intermittent synchronization behavior is shown through the existence of disconnected synchronized regions. A unified framework for complex network synchronization and multi-agent consensus is established. The multiple inputs in over-actuated systems are found useful for reducing the system performance indexes.



Selected Publications (out of >80)

1. Jinzhi Wang, Zhisheng Duan, Ying Yang, Lin Huang, Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Systems with Stationary Sets: Time-Domain and Frequency- Domain Methods, World Scientific, 2009.

2. Zhongkui Li, Zhisheng Duan, Guanrong Chen, Lin Huang, Consensus of multiagent systems and synchronization of complex networks: A unified viewpoint, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-I, 57(1), 213-224, 2010.

3. Zhisheng Duan, Lin Huang, Ying Yang, The effects of redundant control inputs in optimal control, Science in China Series F, 52(11), 1973-1981, 2009.

4. Zhisheng Duan, Jinzhi Wang, Guanrong Chen, Lin Huang, H2 norm accumulation and its impact on synchronization of complex dynamicl networks, International Journal of Control, 82(12), 2356-2364, 2009.

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6. Guanrong Chen, Zhisheng Duan, Network synchronizability analysis: A graph-theoretic approach, Chaos, 18, 037102, 2008.

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9. Zhisheng Duan, Jinzhi Wang, Guanrong Chen, Lin Huang, Stability analysis and decentralized control of a class of complex dynamical networks, Automatica,44, 1028-1035, 2008.

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13. Zhisheng Duan, Jinzhi Wang, Lin Huang, Some special decentralized control problems in continuous-time interconnected systems, Advances in  Complex Systems, 2006, 9(3), 277-286.

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