Shulin Bai

Ph.D., Professor 

Department of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
College of Engineering



Education Background

Oct.1989-Dce.1993  Ph.D, Labo. de la Mécanique des Sols, Structures et Matériaux, Ecole Centrale de Arts et Manufactures de Paris, France

Jul.1988-Jul.1989  DEA(M.Sc)., Labo. de la Mécanique des Sols, Structures et Matériaux, Ecole Centrale de Arts et Manufactures de Paris, France

Sep.1983-Jul.1986  M.Sc., Dept. of Engineering Mechanics, Dalian University of Technology, China

Sep.1979-Jul.1983  B.Sc., Dept. of Materials Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China

Professional Experience

Apr.2006-present  Department of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, College of Engineering, Peking University,China

Sep.1996-Apr.2006  Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University, China

Oct.1994-Jul.1996  Postdoctor, Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University, China

Aug.1986-Jun.1988  Engineer, Institute of Metals and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Railway Science, Beijing, China

International Exchange

Sep.-Dec.1997  Research fellow, City University of Hong Kong

Jun.-Aug.2001 & Jan.2006  Visiting scholar, The University of Sydney, Australia

Apr.-Jun.2002  Invited professor, Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France

Jan.-Feb.2003& Jul.2004  Visiting scholar, Ecole des Mines de Nancy, France

Jan.2006   Visiting scholar, The University of Sydney, Australia

Jul.-Aug.2006  Invited professor, ISAT, Université de Bourgogne, France

Invited professor, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden,


Professional Acitivity

1. Founder of China-Europe Symposium on Processing and Properties of Reinforced Polymers

Co-chairman: 1st Symposium, June 29-July 2, 2003, Nancy, France

Chairman: 2nd Symposium, Oct.31-Nov.4, 2005, Beijing, China

Honorary chairman: 3rd Symposium, June 11-15 2007, Budapest, Hungary

Honorary chairman: 4th Symposium, June 8-12 2009, Guilin, China

2.  Vice committee director, Micro- and Nano-Composite Materials Committee, Chinese Society for Composite Materials

3.  Member of Chinese Society of Mechanics

4.  Editorial Board of Acta Scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Pekinensis, and Expolsion and Shock Waves


1.  “Design and Processing of Composite Materials”: for graduate students

2.  “Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials”: for graduate students

3.  “Introduction to Engineering Materials”: for undergraduate students

4.  “Methods of Mechanical Tests”: for undergraduate students

Research Areas And Interests

Major research work on polymer composites including fiber reinforced and particles filled polymer composites, as well polymer blends. The material systems studied and under investigation are: glass fiber/epoxy, carbon fiber/epoxy, wood fiber/PP, PP/PA6 blends, nano CaCO3/HDPE, nano SiO2/epoxy, steel fiber/PA, steel fiber + carbon nanotubes/PA, glass fiber/PP, etc. Main research domains are:

(1) Design, processing and properties of conductive polymer composites

(2) Novel materials and device for heat dissipation in microelectronics

(3) Polymer nanocomposites

(4) Structure-property relationship

(5) Characterization of functional and mechanical properties of polymer composites


Chinese, English and French.

Selected Publications

1 Zhang, J. L., Bai, S. L. and Liu, D. L., “Caustic Study on Stress Singularities in Polypropylene/CaCO3 Nanocomposites with Nonionic Modifier”, Composite Science and Technology, 2007(67)238-243

2 Yang Y. L., G’Sell C. Hiver, J.-M. and Bai, S. L., “Dynamic mechanical properties and morphology ofHDPE / CaCO3 blends with and without impact modifier”, J. of Applied Polymer Science, 2007, Vol.103, 3907-3914

3 Xu, F. J., Shen, B., Wang, M. J., Xu, J., Lu, L., Miao, Z. L., Yang, Z. J., Qin, Z. X., Zhang, G. Y., Lin, B. and Bai, S. L., “Mechanical properties of AlxGa1-xN films with high Al composition grown on Al/sapphire template”, Applied Physics Letters, 2007, 91, N. 9, 091905

4 Yang-Fei Zhang, Shu-Lin Bai, Da-Yong Yang and Zhong Zhang, “Viscoelastic study on epoxy surface by Nano dynamic mechanical analysis”, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, Vol.46, 281-288(2008)

5 Yao, X.F., Xu, W., Bai, S.L. and Yeh, H.Y., “Caustics analysis of the crack initiation and propagation of graded materials”, Composites Science and Technology, Volume 68, Issues 3-4, March 2008, Pages 953-962

6 Shao L.H., Luo R.Y., Bai S.L. and Wang J., “Prediction of effective moduli of carbon nanotube-reinforced composites with waviness and debonding”, Composites Structure 2009, Volume 87, Issue 3Pages 274-281

7 Zhang Y.F., Bai S.L., Miao M. and Jin Y.F., “Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an Alumina-Glass Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic”, J. Euro. Cera. Society, 29(2009)1077-1082

8 Zhang YF, Bai SL, Li XK and Zhang Z, Viscoelastic properties of nanosilica filled epoxy composites investigated by dynamic nanoindentation, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2009, 47: 1030-1038

9 Li X.K.and Bai S.L., Sheet forming of the multi-layered biaxial weft knitted fabric reinforcement. Part I: on hemispherical surfaces, Composites: Part A, 40(2009)766-777