[ Oct 19,2016] Nine Decades of Fluid Mechanics

[ March 23,2015] Multi-scale force sensitive mechanism of cell and matrix effects

[ March 16,2015] 24th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

[ Dec 10,2014] Insight from four-dimensional heart flow into the mechanism of left ventricular outflow tract obstruction in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

[ Dec 10,2014] On the stability of a solid-body rotation flow in a finite-length circular pipe

[ Dec 04,2014] Dielectrophoretic Microdevices with Tunable Funcations

[ Dec 04,2014] Double Diffusive Convection

[ Nov 13,2014] Propagation of Elastic Waves in Random Anisotropic Media and Numerical Observation of Diffusion

[ Nov 13,2014] Intermittency and dissipation in solar wind turbulence

[ July 24,2013] A particle-based simulation of the mechanics of malaria-infected red blood cells

[ July 22,2013] Grasping Deformable Planar Objects: Squeeze, Stick/Slip Analysis, and Energy-Based Optimalities

[ June 18,2013] Selected topics in recent fracture and damage research

[ June 17,2013] Effect of Relaxor-Ferroelectric Transitions on Fatigue of BNT-Based Lead-Free Piezoceramics

[ June 14,2013] Lagrangian and multi-scale investigations of turbulent flows

[ May 28,2013] Effect of Gust on Force Generation and Flow Patterns Around a Robotic Hummingbird

[ May 22,2013] Multiscale Modeling of Multicomponent Evaporating Sprays

[ May 15,2013] Towards Fast Robust Robotics

[ May 06,2013] Wind Disaster and Wind Engineering Study

[ April 28,2013] Correlating Neutrons Damaged Among Different Irradiation Facilities

[ April 10,2013] Consensus in nonlinear spaces

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