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[ Sep 22,2020] State Key Laboratory for Turbulence and Complex Systems holds online science lectures for the public

[ Oct 29,2019] Prof. Charles R. Smith of Lehigh University visited the LTCS

[ Oct 14,2019] Dr. Florin Mingireanu, Romania’s Representative of European Space Agency visited LTCS

[ June 19,2019] Prof. Chang Chien-Cheng of Taiwan University visited LTCS

[ Nov 01,2018] Prof. Paul Linden of University of Cambridge visited LTCS

[ Oct 16,2018] Prof. Sergei Chernyshenko of Imperial College London and Prof. Zhong Shi of Shanghai Jiao Tong University visited LTCS

[ July 04,2018] Prof. Jeffrey Giacomin, Editor-in-Chief of Physics of Fluids, visited LTCS

[ June 12,2018] Prof. Peyman Givi of University of Pittsburgh visited LTCS

[ June 05,2018] Prof. Hui Hu of Iowa State University and Prof. Tianshu Liu of Western Michigan University visited LTCS

[ May 11,2018] Dr. Wan Cheng from KAUST Gave an Invited Talk

[ March 20,2018] Dr. Xiaojue Zhu from University of Twente Gave an Invited Talk

[ Nov 22,2017] Five faculty members of the College of Engineering named 2017 Highly Cited Researchers

[ Oct 24,2017] The Doctoral Dissertation of Luoqin Liu of LTCS is Published in Springer

[ Oct 16,2017] Prof. Charles R. Smith of Lehigh University visited LTCS

[ Sep 12,2017] Prof. Xiaohua Wu of Royal Military College of Canada visited LTCS

[ Aug 25,2017] Prof. Vigor Yang, the US NAE member, visited LTCS

[ Aug 24,2017] LTCS and LAST jointly held the Sixth Summer Workshop on Advanced Simulation of Turbulence

[ July 04,2017] The 7th International Symposium on Physics of Fluid was hosted by the State Key laboratory for Turbulence and Complex Systems(LTCS) in Guiyang

[ July 04,2017] Prof. Hui Hu of Iowa State University visited LTCS

[ July 07,2017] Prof. Peyman Givi visited LTCS

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