A Cyclic-Small-Gain Approach to Nonlinear Control of Dynamic Networks

发布时间: 2016-01-11 09:24:00  
时  间:1月14日(星期四)下午2:30-3:30,
地  点:工学院1号楼209会议室
Physical systems are inherently nonlinear and interconnected in nature. Significant progress has been made on nonlinear control systems in the past three decades. However, new system analysis and design tools that are capable of addressing more communication and networking issues are still highly desired to handle the emerging theoretical challenges underlying the new engineering problems. As an example, small quantization errors may cause the performance of a“well-designed”nonlinear control system to deteriorate.
This talk presents a set of analysis and design tools based on the well-known nonlinear small-gain theorem to address the newly arising theoretical problems from the viewpoint of dynamic networks. The results are intended to help solve real-world nonlinear control problems, including quantized control and distributed control aspects.